Minicraft Online Game

Welcome to paradise: Forests, impressive mountain ranges and crystal clear waters are in front of you. Pink pigs and fluffy sheep flock over meadows. And you are astonished by endless expanses of untouched nature. Perfect is the random-generated garden Eden, of course not. All trees, clouds and objects are square and have roughly pixelated surfaces. The landscape consists of blocks with an edge length of 16 pixels – blocks all over the place. There is not a given game goal. A day in the game world takes twenty minutes. After ten minutes the sun goes down. Zombies will pounce on you and you have to deal with it somehow.

The game minicraft struck immediately after it’s launch just like albion game. One of the main reasons were crazy hobbyists, who showed their impressive creations from the game on the Internet.  Your first task in Minicraft Games is the naked survival. To protect against nightly monsters, a safe shelter and torches must be obtained. As in a first-person shooter, you move your nameless character with the mouse and keyboard through the world of blocks. Use bare hands to cut down trees. From a tree trunk you cut four wooden blocks and make a workbench from them. In the so-called crafting process, you combine raw materials on a grid on which you represent the approximate shape of the final product: two sticks arranged on top of each other and three wooden blocks at the end give a pointed hook. They use to chop rocks from the earth. From this you build a coarse dwelling that provides protection from the creatures of the night. The first day would be over. But that was only the beginning. The seemingly peaceful “Minicraft” World still offers countless surprises and challenges for you – such as mysterious aborigines and parallel worlds. It is not easy to get to the track. The download game comes without manual, “readme” file or help function. The only guideline is the achievements that provide clues as to which tools you should create next. How this works, either try it out or find it in the many help forums on the Internet. With 139 block types with the most diverse properties, combination possibilities are created in abundance. Self-armour items, boats, railways, lorries, breweries and farms are created using blocks of wood, stone, coal, metal.

The natural laws on which the “Minicraft” World is based are a refreshing mix of logic and sorcery. Of course, iron axes are more effective than wood axes and diamonds harder than gold. One has to get used to the fact that the foliage crowns of precipitated trees and rock formations float heavily in the air and use it to his advantage. Internalize the regularities, let your imagination run wild. This is illustrated by the examples of the numerous fans using “Minecraft” to recreate the coliseum, huge “Star Wars” figures or Minas Tirith with blocks. This is the best way to achieve such mammoth projects in community work. Up to 128 players meet on certain servers and create their own fantasy world together. Youtube is full of virtual tours through magnificent “minicraft” immensities. In the meantime, there are numerous imitators of the successful game principle – for example, the free open source version “Manic Digger”.

A game of unlimited possibilities: instead of working as one task after another, you become creatively creative here and face your own tasks. This is initially more difficult than it sounds because almost no help is available. In the point rework is required. The pixel-like optics lose their deterrent effect after a short familiarization period, because it is coherent in itself and ultimately makes the special charm of the sandbox game principle.

It’s mostly like this: First of all, anyone who sees Minicraft for the first time (and really everyone), thinks to himself: “What is that pixel game?” The player’ s dry answer “This must be Rule head shaking. (Some people – especially those who have never touched the W, A, and D buttons at the same time) even suspect “killers” at the first moment (because of the EVIL perspective). Well, on the one hand, it is the almost endless freedom that an open world game brings with it. Unlike other games, however, the size of the game world at Minicraft games is really unlimited. When the players enter a new area, it is generated in real time around it, including mountains, lakes, caves and vegetation, and the further it goes, the more the game world grows. Point 1 thus: freedom. The next is the game principle, which is based on the principle of the huntsman and collector. One finds it in the Survival mode, in which at night zombies appear, which want the leather player, on which he can also make hunting, in order to find rare materials. And on the other hand, almost all of the game mechanics are based on this hunter-gatherer principle: you chop wood, make boards, you beat sheep, dye the wool, look for ores, melt them, make weapons and tools … Basically something for everyone. And what do you do with all the things collected? You build! Or to put it another way: You live out your creativity. And this is precisely the point that makes us particularly interested in Minicraft. You can create everything you can imagine: huge skyscrapers, small clay huts, cozy brick houses, floating air locks, magnificent castles, subterranean cities … The possibilities are almost unlimited – a rarity in the gaming landscape.

These are the reasons why Minicraft is so fascinating. The goal of the game is to find a goal! Whether you are hunting zombies, collecting raw materials, producing goods, building cities or baking cakes (Yes, you can!), At Minicraft games it is possible. There is no need for exotic aliens who duel in hypergraphy with hyperintelligent cyborgs, if the simplest basic interests of the people are enough for a good game: freedom, collecting and creative activity!